Mental stability

Keeping your composure and being stable mentally is what makes a good goalie.  As I have learned early in goaltending, its all a mind game for a goalie.  Over 50% of being a good goalie is knowing you are going to stop the puck.  I do have a problem though, and I have let it eat me up inside too long without talking about it.  So I am going to address it here and be done with it.

I have let certain people and players get into my head in the past 5-6 years.  These people have had great success against me because of my predisposition to allowing them to control my emotions.  Head games are all part of the game of hockey, but I have let it influence me too much. 

Last night, in specific, I let a couple goals I let in get me down.  The attitude of the team I played against was getting to me as well.  I suppose you could say I had a bad game and just let it go from there.  At the same time though, I have to be better mentally as well as physically.

Playing in the top division this season has really opened my eyes to the fact that maybe I am not cut out to playing in it.  We will see how things look after the season is over and the dust has settled though.