Missing hockey already

After almost 5 days without playing, I am already missing hockey.  Just a week ago I was playing 3-4 times a week.  Now I am down to zero because my neck is pretty stiff and sore from playing on Saturday.  I should be ok to play hockey by next week, but the time when you aren’t playing sucks pretty bad.

After my last 3 games where my teams scored a combined total of 4 goals, I am eager to get back in the crease and playing some fun hockey.  After having so much success in all the years I have played, I promised myself I would never get down on myself if I didn’t win a championship again.  I was up to my word on Saturday last week and even today I have two words that make everything alright.

“No Regrets”

I started saying this about 4 years ago, back when I was still learning what it meant.  I now realize just how meaningful those words mean.  Everyone deserves their turn in the spotlight.  You can’t win every game.  Most importantly, you have to play for the fun of playing and for the friends you have around you.  Not for titles or trophies.  Not for glory.  No one is going to remember you forever, so why let the small things get you down?  Life is short, play hard.

Heck, just by typing this, I have learned that I really miss hockey.  🙂

At least I have the Griffins and some occasional reffing gigs to keep me occupied in the meantime.