Not what I wanted

I guess after playing my first 3 playoff games that good things were going to happen to me today.  Things didn’t work out like I had planned.  In the last three games, my teams scored a grand total of 4 goals.  It didn’t help that I wasn’t consistent in net after the first three games.

Malys made it to the second round and lost after a very spirited first game.  Who Cares did the same thing.  Marketlab made it to the finals and lost to a hungrier team.

I have a few admissions to make after this season.  First, I might have been a little tired and not on my game.  Sure, your team doesn’t score you aren’t going to win, but I probably could have played a little sharper.  I could attribute it to playing on too many teams in a single day and not sleeping well the previous night.  I think it was probably a little of both.

Really, it wasn’t a disappointing day.  Even though I didn’t achieve the goal I wanted.  Marketlab will be back and I will be back for a new team that will be a combination of Maly’s and Who Cares.  I played against some really great people.  Its great to get out there and have fun with people that you play against every now and again.  I am glad that I have so many friends and players who respect me and vice versa.  I couldn’t be happier playing hockey.

I have achieved more in hockey than I ever thought possible.  Which is why I am not terribly disappointed with the result today.  I remember back about 7 years ago when I took it personally when it came to my playoff performance.  Today, 27 championships later, I am content with letting things fall into place and if good things happen then great.  Everyone gets their day in the sun eventually and its my hope that I will get that next season.

I really hoped to see other friends of mine get their shot at a championship.  Some dreams were squashed while others came true.  I was happy to see P.J. and Mr. Burger win a championship.  They have played many seasons and have struck out over and over again.  You have to be happy when someone works hard and gets far.  I was hoping that Hailstorm would take the beginner league, but it just didn’t work out for them this season.

In the end, its all about playing with your friends.  I am happy that I have been able to play for as long as I have.

Now I am going to settle into a break and rest up for next season.

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