Successful season

When this season started, I was caught up in wondering just how I would do.  After last season and only leading a single team to the playoffs, I really wanted to make strides in my game.  I did pretty well this season in leading all my teams to playoffs.  It wasn’t all me though, but it still leaves me quite satisfied with the results so far.

Maly’s finished 3rd overall after a very successful season.  With our personnel I thought we did marvelous.  I may have gotten frustrated a couple times, but by the end of the season I was playing like I should have played.  I gave my team a chance to win every night, and I feel very good going into playoffs on Saturday with this team.

Who Cares also did well finishing 5th overall in a very tough division.  I feel very good about our chances here as well.  Our team has come through a lot of adversity to be a better team at the end of the season.  I really believe that we can make some noise in the tournament.

Finally, Marketlab finished 1st overall in a up and down season.  We started out strong, only to falter a few weeks, and then start back on the upswing.  We will have our full team which works in our favor.  At the same time though, we really need to make our mark in the playoffs this season.  We started out 6-0, and then went 2-2 in our last 4 games.  One of the teams we beat only had 4 guys.  I really think we are the best team in the division, but we have to prove it against the top 4 teams in the league.  Its very doable as we have beaten every team that made playoffs at least once.  Its just time to prove it.

I find myself eagerly anticipating the games tomorrow.  I am glad that I have enough to do today to keep my mind occupied.  Otherwise I would sit at home and just think about the games and how I would react in certain situations.

Then I wonder what I am going to do when I can’t play in these kinds of games anymore as I get older…