Flashes of brilliance

I played last night to what came out a better than average game.  I came up with a couple excellent saves, but those were wiped out by a couple goals I let in that I should have had.  In the end, we won 6-5 in OT so I was happy about that.  Still, it was a game that shouldn’t have been as close if I was on top of my game.

This week, I knew with only 2 games that I was going to play, that I had to be sharp.  I wanted to go into playoffs on Saturday focused and ready to play.  I wanted to go in on a roll winning my games and playing solid.  Instead, I have been inconsistent.  I come up with some great saves, and then I just can’t stop the puck 5 minutes later.

My focus is what the problem is.  On the two shots I should have stopped, I lost my focus on the puck.  I have to stay on target so to speak.  Anything less is bad for me and my teams.

Now I shift my focus to tonight’s game where a win puts us in 1st place.  A win against the team we are tied with right now is going to be a tough feat.  The game will not be easy, but it will be ultra competitive.  I would not be surprised to see us playing in the finals against this tough Lightning team.  For now though, with my full team in front of me, I am aiming for a win tonight.