After playing solid on Monday and Wednesday, I thought that I would be following that up with a strong performance on Thursday.  It just didn’t happen.  Marketlab lost 6-3, and I was inconsistent in net for the loss.  My team couldn’t put the puck in the net, but I couldn’t make a solid save all night.  With one week to go in the season, I have a few games to get my feet back underneath me and get my swagger back before playoffs hit.

I found myself bumming pretty badly yesterday after that loss.  I took it rather personally that I let my team down.  It was our best shot to put a solid foothold on first, and then I realized that it doesn’t matter what place we take.  The last few championships I have won the team wasn’t in first place.  Last season with Marketlab we were 2nd and won the title.  Same in spring 2009 when we finished in 2nd place and won the title.  There have been countless times I have won championships when not in the first seed.

So whats the problem here?  What feels so different that I have to get down on myself?  My confidence was shaken and I feel like I am playing inconsistently.  I had two great games, and then played bad last night.  I have to start building on winning consistently next week.  I focus on winning Wednesday and Thursday.  Leading into Saturday for playoffs, I want to have wins and confidence under my belt.

Today though, I am physically spent still, and I have ice hockey tonight and refereeing this weekend.  I will be resting a lot this weekend around my reffing that’s for sure.