Playoff bound

This season was full of question marks for some of the teams I play for.  Would we be good enough to compete in our respective leagues?  Would we have enough to compete for a championship?  I am proud to say that hockey has treated me and my teammates well for the most part this season.

Malys is moving onto the playoffs in the 3rd place position for the most part.  With a 7-2 record right now, we have a very small chance to jump to 2nd but can’t drop to lower than 4th with one game to go.

Who Cares moved on with a win last night and are currently sitting 5th in the league.  We have a shot to move up as high as 3rd depending on how things go with our last game.

Lastly, Marketlab can clinch 1st in the division with a win in the last 2 games.  Either way, they are in the playoffs even if we lose our last 2 games which won’t happen.  I am really looking forward to getting out there and getting a step toward clinching first tonight.

Ice hockey has been hit or miss for me all season because I have not been able to steadily play on Friday nights due to other commitments.  I am really looking forward to playing ice hockey on a regular basis in the Spring/Summer.

On a side note, my body has been responding well over the last few weeks.  I was still hobbled by a groin injury that was taking forever to heal up from October-December.  Now, that twinge of pain is finally subsiding and I am able to move much more quickly than I was before.  I hope this is a sign of things to come.  Getting fully healthy right around playoff time is a good thing.