Controlling your own destiny

In hockey, its always better to control your own destiny when it comes to making playoffs.  Its always better to not be chasing a spot and be the team that has secured one.  So far, two of my three teams control their own destiny.  Marketlab and Malys are in good spots right now and with limited games to go, they both should make the playoffs.  Who Cares made a good move today with a 1-1 tie with the first place team overall.  I couldn’t be more proud of Who Cares after the game today.  Many players made sacrifices during the game that enabled us to get key points toward a playoff spot.

Controlling your own destiny also means that you are in control of your life as well.  I have made great strides this year in becoming a better person.  Not only in a hockey sense, but also in a life sense.  I am now refereeing on a regular basis which fuels me to get better at it so the kids, parents, and coaches are satisfied with my hard work and dedication.  Work is going very well in addition.  I have made great strides this year in my personal life and look to make many more next year and many years to come.

I watched Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture” on Youtube a few weeks ago and I was floored.  For those of you who haven’t watched it, please take the time to do so.  It really did put a new perspective on life for me and fueled my desire to make the world a much better place and at the same time, achieve my childhood dreams.

I have achieved so much this year, and I will post more about that as I look back and reflect upon the year that was.  I am not just talking about in a hockey sense, but in a total life sense.  For now though, I am going to bed.  I am really going to be happy with 5 straight days off to rest and relax.  Well, with all the traveling I have to do, I won’t be resting that much.  I sure am going to get as much in as I can though.