Not the best day

It is just simply amazing how one day you can be on top of your game and playing real well.  Then the next day you find yourself not able to stop a beach ball.  I had one of the bad days last night as Marketlab lost 9-6 after I made some colossal blunders in net.  The second game Marketlab played would have been a loss as well if it wasn’t for the team in front of me.

So what did I learn from yesterday?  I had a bad day in net.  I had a problem shaking myself from yesterday’s games though.  Even today I was second guessing and kicking myself for the losses.  Gotta rebound though because we have two weeks off and then we are back to work again.  The regular season title is still ours to lose and with the way the top teams have played us hard, the playoffs are going to be a tough fight.

My other teams are doing well.  Maly’s is in a 3 way tie for 1st place.  Who Cares is clinging to a playoff spot, but we are going to have to play our best games through the last 4 weeks to make it.

Oh, and I finally get to play ice hockey tonight after over a month.  I am really looking forward to it because I don’t know how much longer I will be playing as a goalie on ice.  Being an ice hockey referee has really pushed me into changing a bit when it comes to playing hockey.  Instead of goaltending, I may start skating out.  This in conjunction with working on my skating and endurance for next season’s officiating season.  Going to enjoy playing tonight though thats for sure.

I have to start posting more.  So much has happened and just now, after I turn in a bad performance in hockey last night, do I feel the need to post an update.  That’s a bad precedence to set.