Progressing well

Hockey and life continues to treat me well, even though the pulled muscle in my inner thigh or groin muscle doesn’t like me too much.  Marketlab is 2-0 so far and has a good shot at going 3-0 this week.  Malys is undefeated so far.  Who Cares can increase to 2-1 with a win this week.  The only thing thats a bummer is that I haven’t been able to bring my success in roller over to ice.  I know the team I am playing for isn’t playing very well, but I am just not making big stops like I should.  The end result is us only winning a couple games this season.  This depresses me greatly because the one thing left on my accomplishments list is a championship in ice hockey.  Its one thing that I may not accomplish anytime soon, if ever.

The good thing is even though I have this nagging injury, it isn’t a bad injury.  I am still able to move, play hockey, and walk around without major discomfort.  The problem is I end up sore the next day.  The pulled muscle does stop me from moving around in net as well as I could.  Its not a show stopper though, but it makes me nervous that it may cost me a game at a critical time of the season.  I took two weeks off in October and the injury was gone at the end of the two weeks but came back right away when I started exercising again.  I am hoping that another two week break at Christmas will be just what the doctor ordered.