A good start to the season

I had a pretty good start to the season with all my teams.  I am skating out for Maly’s as we won 4-3.  I scored an empty net goal and skated pretty well for my first time in over a year.  I look forward to playing better as the season goes on.

Who Cares had a tougher go at it as we lost 3-2.  I played very well, but we just didn’t have enough goal support.  I guess we will see how the season pans out for us in the end, but I think we might have a rough season unless we can score more.  I am confident that I can keep teams off the scoresheet in net.

Lastly, Marketlab had a great start to the season with a 9-2 win on Thursday.  I was very impressed with our passing, communication, and defensive dedication.  It was impressive to see us dominate like we did, but I also realize that it was only one game.  I will be happy to see us have a few more games like that one though.

The bad news is I still have a pulled muscle in my groin that is not fully healed up.  I rested it for 6 days, then skated as a ref on it and it was fine.  Rested it for 5 more days and reffed again without a problem.  On Wednesday for my first game as a goalie, I felt tinges of pain as I tried to butterfly.  Last night was the same thing.  This is not as bad as it was, but I am starting to wonder if I need to give it more time to heal up.  Either that or I have a even bigger problem on my hands.  I am going to play on it for now but I am also going to stretch it out really well before every game.