Moving on up?

After Marketlab’s 10-4 lopsided win last night to improve to 3-0, my team asked me about moving up next season.  Moving up to the top division is not easy thats for sure.  At the same time though, we have finished at the top of the division 4 out of the last 5 seasons.  Its a move I am really considering next season.

The only downside would be our weaker skaters on the team would struggle.  According to a few players who play in that division, the weaker skaters we have would be too much of a drop off in talent for the top division.  We would win a few games in that division, but we wouldn’t be competitive with teams like the Fury, Pfieffer, and the Grand Valley team.

Another thing to consider is the health of the team.  We have a player coming back for the first time in 8 months after injuring his MCL.  Do we really want his rehab return to be in that top division?  Then you have me fighting this darn groin injury that just does not want to go away.

I am going to consider this move for next season though just based on what happened last night.  I want a challenge when I play, and last night was nothing of the sort.  Of course, we played one of the bottom rung teams.  The real test will be the 3 games we play when we get back from break when we play the top teams in the league once again.

Progressing well

Hockey and life continues to treat me well, even though the pulled muscle in my inner thigh or groin muscle doesn’t like me too much.  Marketlab is 2-0 so far and has a good shot at going 3-0 this week.  Malys is undefeated so far.  Who Cares can increase to 2-1 with a win this week.  The only thing thats a bummer is that I haven’t been able to bring my success in roller over to ice.  I know the team I am playing for isn’t playing very well, but I am just not making big stops like I should.  The end result is us only winning a couple games this season.  This depresses me greatly because the one thing left on my accomplishments list is a championship in ice hockey.  Its one thing that I may not accomplish anytime soon, if ever.

The good thing is even though I have this nagging injury, it isn’t a bad injury.  I am still able to move, play hockey, and walk around without major discomfort.  The problem is I end up sore the next day.  The pulled muscle does stop me from moving around in net as well as I could.  Its not a show stopper though, but it makes me nervous that it may cost me a game at a critical time of the season.  I took two weeks off in October and the injury was gone at the end of the two weeks but came back right away when I started exercising again.  I am hoping that another two week break at Christmas will be just what the doctor ordered.

The beat goes on

I spent the weekend just resting for the most part.  The days were very nice to spend outside anyway, so I mowed the lawn one last time and then proceeded to break the lawnmower.  Then I tried installing a new head on my trimmer which didn’t work either.  So I decided to put that kind of work down and just rest.

The pulled muscle in my leg only seems to bother me when I am playing in net and doing things like leg lifts.  Its obvious the muscle is still strained or something else is going on that I don’t know about.  If I keep having problems like this, I am going to be forced to make some decisions I didn’t want to make, like resting next season instead of playing.  There is part of me that wants to have this checked out at the doctor.  After all, it has been 6+ weeks since I first felt it give.  At the same time though, I really haven’t rested it like I should.  Resting it would be no skating at all for a period of 2-3 weeks.  I just don’t have the patience I guess.  I have been stretching my legs out really well before skating on them.  I am sure while I am skating out playing today I will be just fine.  Its when I strap on the goalie pads is when I will start feeling it again.  I am confident that it will get better soon and I will cross the line of taking time off later if it doesn’t heal.

I reffed a couple games this weekend and had a lot of fun doing it.  The more games I work, the better I become at not only position, but doing the little things right.  I continue to work on my skating as well so I am a much stronger skater come next season when I hit level 2.

I was recently asked where I want to be when I ref hockey games.  Some people do it for the paycheck.  I am doing it because I enjoy it.  Working with the kids is where my love for the sport still is.  Just like when I coached mites and squirts years ago, reffing that age group is where I want to be.  Even when I hit level 2 next season, I will be looking at doing the younger kids, but adding travel hockey to my list of things I want to do in that age group.  I should be able to achieve that goal.

You never know, I may find myself coaching again down the road.

I am pretty happy with the way things are going.  Sure, I would like to ref more games, but I will get there soon enough.  Patience is a virtue.

A good start to the season

I had a pretty good start to the season with all my teams.  I am skating out for Maly’s as we won 4-3.  I scored an empty net goal and skated pretty well for my first time in over a year.  I look forward to playing better as the season goes on.

Who Cares had a tougher go at it as we lost 3-2.  I played very well, but we just didn’t have enough goal support.  I guess we will see how the season pans out for us in the end, but I think we might have a rough season unless we can score more.  I am confident that I can keep teams off the scoresheet in net.

Lastly, Marketlab had a great start to the season with a 9-2 win on Thursday.  I was very impressed with our passing, communication, and defensive dedication.  It was impressive to see us dominate like we did, but I also realize that it was only one game.  I will be happy to see us have a few more games like that one though.

The bad news is I still have a pulled muscle in my groin that is not fully healed up.  I rested it for 6 days, then skated as a ref on it and it was fine.  Rested it for 5 more days and reffed again without a problem.  On Wednesday for my first game as a goalie, I felt tinges of pain as I tried to butterfly.  Last night was the same thing.  This is not as bad as it was, but I am starting to wonder if I need to give it more time to heal up.  Either that or I have a even bigger problem on my hands.  I am going to play on it for now but I am also going to stretch it out really well before every game.