Playoff reflections

I look back upon Saturday after a few days to think about what happened.  I have had a lot of fond memories of this past season, and even more anticipation to start the next one.  Now all I need to do is close the book on last season for good.

It was a very good season and a good playoff run for me.  After sucking it up at the last playoff day when I made it to 2 finals games and lost in both of them, I was looking forward to a little redemption.  I went 3-1 on the day in total.  I feel I was centered to the puck well and I came up with some pretty good saves all day.  The icing on the cake was beating the undefeated team to win the championship.  The last undefeated team I beat was with the Dragons about a year ago, and that victory really brought back some fond memories that’s for sure.

Maly’s didn’t even make the playoffs this season and there is rumors that they will move back down to beginner where they belong.  I also may skate out on the team as well.  I don’t know yet.  My difficulty will be settling into a role outside of goaltending and sticking with it.  So long as the team is successful, I am happy to be skating.

Marketlab will return after winning their 4th championship.  We are making no changes over last season right now.  The players all want to return, and thats fine being as that we finished in 2nd by just a point and the 3rd-5th place squads were just a point behind us.  It was a tight division and it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds by the end of it.  The division is going to be a tough one needless to say.  The intermediate division is always tough and tight though.  I love the parity and knowing that any team can win on any given day.

For now though, I am just going to heal up.  I strained my groin and after reffing on it on Sunday, I am really feeling it today.  I am going to rest it for the rest of the week and then see how it feels on Saturday.  I hope it will be fully healed by then.  I am going to take a solid two weeks off goaltending just to get my heart and soul back into the game.  I need the break if not for my groin, but for my desire to make another run at a championship.