Adventures in Refereeing

After many months of preparation, I have refereed adult inline and a squirt ice hockey game.  Both of which were incredibly fun to do and my first reffing assignments to boot.  I have a lot to learn, the first of which is to adjust to skating on something other than goalie skates.  Even my ice hockey forward skates are taking some getting used to.

My positioning is pretty good.  My situational awareness is also very good.  I was calling offsides today very accurately.  With all the positives, there are a few negatives.  I will keep improving my skating, as well as my play awareness.  I have to be aware on who scores the goals and has the assists a lot better than I did today.

Overall, it was very productive.  I can’t wait until I ref inline on Monday and Wednesday, and then ref ice hockey again on Friday.  Lots of opportunities to improve and show what I can do.