Still not there yet

Two nights before I went to Dallas on vacation, I felt something give in my left leg.  Thankfully, it wasn’t my knee, but it felt pretty terrible after I was done playing.  It felt like my inner thigh muscle was pulled, and for any butterfly goalie, that is a necessity.  I rested it all week when I was gone to Dallas.  No running, jumping, or other hockey related activities.  I really just rested the whole time I was away.  Fast forward to Tuesday night this week, a full 10 days since I last played hockey.  I stretched out real good before my game, and that didn’t matter.

The same damn muscle gave again.  This time it wasn’t as bad, but still equally annoying.

I started doing some research into this and it doesn’t seem to be a groin pull.  I remember what those feel like and this wasn’t one of them.  At the same time though, it could just be a muscle strain, and it couldn’t come at a worse time.  Playoffs are next weekend.  I start reffing hockey this week, and I won’t get much downtime.

I have already decided to play through it until playoffs and then take a couple weeks off to rest it.  I just hope this isn’t one of those lingering injuries that kicks my ass and causes me to lose.  So far, the pain is manageable with some ibuprofen, but my kick save and butterfly are gimped a bit and I am worried that I might strain it worse than it already is.

Oh well… body has to break down sometime I suppose.