Just one more

After last nights OT loss, I got to thinking about the term of “just one more”.  By that I mean just one more championship.  For years my drive and determination to win championships has been the fuel for me playing hockey.  With me hitting 37 this year, its quickly becoming apparent that I am slowing down.  My reaction time has decreased through the years.  I am starting to doubt just how much I have left in the tank.  Not from a competing standpoint, but from an ability standpoint.

At the beginning of this year, I wanted to achieve 25 championships in my short rec league hockey career.  Now that I have achieved that and more, I have learned that it will never be enough.  Even if I win #27 or #50, it will never be enough.  I will always want one more.  So I guess the question is, how do I measure my success if its not with a championship?  I know I tell myself its playing with my friends.  Its just not enough to keep that competing spirit down within me.

It has to end sometime, and I am hoping that transitioning to ice hockey reffing will remove some of this drive.

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  1. Hey Brian do it for your health it’s good cardo- and will benfit from it later in life so regardless if you reaction time is a little slower just think what kind of shape you would be in if you didn’t play. so keep it up for the cardo part .

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