Everyone makes mistakes

Last night I got together with another ice hockey ref to go over the test questions on the reffing test, as well as talk to him about what the seminar is going to be all about on Saturday.  We exchanged stories about reffing and he had some hilarious ones to share.  He also had a couple to share about calls that he missed or made mistakes on.  In essence, everyone makes mistakes.  As an aspiring ice hockey ref, I know I will make those calls and regret them down the road.

The only reason why I bring this up is in our game last night, a goal that was apparently scored by the opposition just sat on the goal line, which I covered.  The puck was clearly on the goal line, not half way into the net on the goal line, but sitting on the line.  Yet, the ref called it a goal from up the boards.  People on my team knew it was on the line.  The other team knew it was on the line.  I was told by 1/2 the opposing team it sat on the line.  A mistake was made, and yet I wasn’t upset by it too much.  Yes, it was a deciding goal that sent the game into OT and we lost in OT, but I am not concentrating on that.

With me being a ref here in the next few weeks after I pass my exam and seminar, I know I will be making those kinds of mistakes every once in a blue moon.  As a ref, I have to make the call as I see it, and if I make a mistake, I will own up to it after the game.  You can’t call it back, you have to stick to your guns.

Marketlab now sits 2-1-1 after the OT loss last night, and we have some tough games coming up.  I have not played my best hockey since the first game of the season, and its going to be put up or shut up next week.  I have to turn things around on my end.

I am looking forward to this seminar tomorrow.  I really want to make a good impression out there and I will.

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