Road to recovery

Last week on Thursday I ended up catching a pretty serious bug that was a cross between the flu and some gastro-intestinal bug.  I was laid up for 3 days straight and the last week has been a challenge for me physically.  I missed my game on Wednesday, only to come back to a 9-8 loss last night in a game we should have probably won.  I was not at the top of my game after missing my game on Wednesday and really not feeling well for the last week.  Still, that puck just did not bounce for me.

I got a piece of a couple of the shots that went in, but defensively we didn’t play well.  We missed our passes.  We just didn’t play as well as we should have in that game.  That being said, we weren’t going to go 10-0 in this division.  A loss is just what the doctor ordered so to speak.  Now we will make some adjustments in order to get back on the horse and win next week.

I am the most disappointed with my performance though.  I moved like a 37 year old that just got over from being sick.  My concentration wasn’t there.  I didn’t see a lot of the shots because of that lack of concentration.  My movements and reactions were very slow.

Still, as I said, it was my first game in a week and coming off of illness.  Next week is a new week and I have to put this game behind me.