No excuses

Its been a few days since hockey playoffs ended.  In that time, I have thought about my performance in better detail.  I didn’t stink, but I wasn’t the best player out there which is a great change of pace over what I have been successful at.  I am convinced if I was a better player out there that things may have turned for me especially in those close finals games when we lost 5-4 and 6-4 with an empty netter at the end.

Average doesn’t cut it in the playoffs, so what was my problem when I played?  Maybe I played too lose in the first couple games, which caused me to not be as serious as I normally would.  It could have been that it just wasn’t my time.  After years of great success, maybe I was due for a human like performance instead of these great performances when I was just dominating.  It could have also been that I played a little distracted because I had family there.

I just feel that I should have played better, but there is no sense of beating myself up over it.  I make no excuses for my performance.  Its time to move and start thinking about next season which will be here in about a week and a half.  That is not long when you think about it.

I have my final ice hockey game of the summer and then I am going to have a break before the Fall/Winter/Spring season kicks in.  I am also comfortable with my roller teams as they are all set for next season.  I am pretty happy with the hand that I am dealt and I am confident things will be much better for me next season in ice and roller hockey.

I am just going to enjoy the break after playing ice hockey tomorrow.