Retiring my “good luck” stick

After years of playoff championships won with my Maltese graphite stick, I have finally retired it.  I took the tape off of it to give it some fresh tape.  When I did, I was greeted by a crack in the blade itself.  I just can’t trust this stick to win me anymore games.  It has run its course.  This is the 3rd ever stick I have retired.  I had two other sticks just out and out break on me and I trashed them.  Its just sad that as I look through countless playoff photos, here is this stick.  It felt really good in my hands and now, I will be looking at it down the road as a memento of championships won.

The toe of the blade was shot as well.

Another closeup of the bottom of the blade where a nice chunk is missing.  The crack goes up the middle of the paddle.

Another shot of how bad the toe looks.

I am going to miss this stick.  Lasted for many years.