One week to go

After missing all my hockey games last week, I have 3 this week to gear up for playoffs on Saturday. 

On the dark side of things, I am really missing playing ice hockey and this week I am going to miss a double header due to work.  I understand that IT work is all about keeping a flexible schedule and I am pleased to get the work done.  Still, its sad to miss playing in the games that I love the most.  Maybe it is for the best though because I have not done well in ice hockey this season because the league has been very tough and my confidence has not been the highest for the Kodiaks.  I am confident I will rebound and have a solid game next week and then in the Fall/Winter/Spring season.

On the positive side, I will have 3 games to get myself geared up for the playoff tournament on Saturday.  Maly’s and Marketlab will attempt to clinch 1st place with a win.  The Blizzard, a team I inherited 3/4 of the way through the season, will probably clinch 2nd.  All 3 of these teams have games with playoff seeding ramifications so all of them will be incredibly competitive but fun to play in.

It is said that the most successful and competitive players remember the losses more than the wins.  After I heard that, I really thought about the games I have played and I have to admit that its true.  I remember the losses first and the wins secondly.  Sure, I like to flash back to the glory days and the good wins that I have had.  Still, the thoughts of the ones that got away and the mistakes I have made are a little easier to remember.  This isn’t a bad thing necessarially, but I like to think positively.  I don’t like to let negativity creep into my thought process.

Everything always works out and for a reason.  You have to think positive even in the shadow of darkness.  I remember losing in the first playoff series I ever played in net.  Game tied 1-1 and with just under a minute to go in the game, I had a shot bank in off my skate from behind the net and score.  It was one of the goals that I was quite distraught over, but months later, I accomplished my first championship.  I grew from that experience, but I still remember that goal more than the championship I won with my first team.

This is going to be a great week.