Back and Forward

Its always healthy to look back upon the life you have lived so far and forward to what is coming.  Looking back, I never thought I would have the success in hockey that I have had through the years.  At one point in time, I felt like I was up against time more than anything when it came to me competing in hockey.  Now, as I get older, I am less about winning and success and more about playing with friends.  My drive and determination to compete isn’t totally gone.  Its just not in the forefront like it has been in the past.  Now, its just confidently knowing I will do well and if things don’t work out, I won’t lose sleep over them.

The friends I have made through the years have shaped my life more than I ever thought.  I have done the best I could to fit in, and I have even changed a little in order to stay with the same core group of friends.  The key here is that all my true friends are hockey players.  I have invested so much time and effort into playing hockey that I have formed this group of friends around the sport.  When I am no longer able to play hockey, you have to wonder if I will still be with these people or if I will drift apart from them in the end.

I am not concentrating on that right now though.  I really don’t like concentrating on the negative things that’s for sure.