My share of struggles

This season I have had my share of struggles on and off the ice.  Playing hockey has been the one thing that I have enjoyed the most.  With me turning 37 on June 6th, I now wonder how much time I have to play.  If you ask a couple teams, I am still good enough to play.  If you ask others, you will probably hear I should have stopped playing a while ago.


Maly’s is doing quite well so far.  After placing 5th in the division last season, this season is shaping up to be a much better one.  The bad thing is that we haven’t played a few of the top teams in the division yet.  That will tell us where we really belong in the pecking order.  Having the lowest goals against is a tribute to not only my team, but how confident I am playing.


Marketlab also continues to do well.  After a tough loss last week, we look to get our swagger back and win this week.  It will not be easy as we play against the Puckups, a team that has a lower goals against than me.  Will be an interesting game.  I am also playing for Dekleine Builders and their 2-3-1 record is disappointing to me because I should be playing better.  The 32 goals allowed is tied for 4th but their goals for is next to last.  Have to score to win games thats for sure.

Lastly, I have struggled playing for the Kodiaks this season.  After plunking down two wins, I have struggled in a tough division to keep us competitive.  I thought last night was going to be a little different, but every team is tough and there are some good players out there.  I really need to focus and play better thats for sure.  In the end though, I need to make a move to play more beginner/intermediate hockey.  Moving up the ladder of difficulty doesn’t help my cause thats for sure.

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  1. dude, you can play into your 50’s and beyond… you’re only as old as you feel. plus, you’re not far away from qualifying for 40 and over leagues 😉

    as long as you feel like playing, keep playing!

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