A great game

After watching Game 7 of the cup finals, I thought I might throw out some thoughts and feelings I have about the game. What may be more important though are my thoughts and feelings before it even started.

Since Thursday nights debacle when the Pens won 2-1, I looked forward to this game. For 3 days, I thought about this game 7 and I was confident the Wings are going to come out on top. Still, I was anxious for the game to start. The 3 day wait was a little overwhelming, but when it finally got here, I was excited and my nerves were jumping.

Just watching the Pens reminded me of watching the Wings last season. Here was a hungry team that wanted a championship. The Wings were skating like they had cement in their boots. The Pens were cycling the puck around the Wings like they were standing still. When they got the first two goals, it was then that I realized that they just wanted this game more than the Wings did. Sure, the Wings picked it up in the 3rd period, but by then it was too late.

If anything, I am disappointed by the Wings performance. Here was a team that had all the firepower and the experience. They only lost 1 game at the Joe this playoff series (and it was the one I went to, but thats beside the point). In the last two games which were cup clinchers for them, Draper and Erickson scored the goals for the Wings. Two 3rd/4th line players. Wait a minute! Where was Hossa, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Franzen? Where were our big guns? Only 1 goal per game the last two games?

Thats not the refs giving the Pens the game. That isn’t a league conspiracy that wanted to see the Pens win. That was just a horrible effort by the Wings.

As a hockey fan, I give props to the Pens. I also give thanks to the Wings. In the last 14 years, I have watched the Wings with pride. They won 4 cups in the last 14 years. I couldn’t ask more from my favorite team. That being said, they just didn’t play well enough to deserve it this year. It feels good that I am not a blind biased fan and I can see both sides of things.

It was disappointing, but now I am over it. Time for bed and a long 3+ months until hockey starts back up again.