Its been over a year now

Its been a little over a year today that I got word that a good friend of mine Ben Pauls passed away.  After talking with him for many years, he didn’t respond to any of my emails for over a year and I didn’t know what happened to him.  It was one of those mysteries that I didn’t know about at the time and I was busy with my own life as it was.  I just assumed the best for him.  When I got word of his passing, I was decimated.

When a friend passes away suddenly, its hard to put into words how you feel.  Even to this day I remember everything that we did together back in my high school and college days.  Its a shame that we didn’t say close after I went away to college, but we both started new lives.  He got married and had a few kids.  I went away to college, graduated, and I got married as well.

Today I found pictures of him, the first time I have actually seen these in years and they just bring back all sorts of memories.  All of them good ones.  I still miss him today when I think about him.