Two tough games

I had two tough games in a row tonight.  One of them was to help Structural have a shot at playoffs.  The other one was to give Marketlab a shot at a first or second place finish and a bye in the first round.

Structural was a tough game.  We started strong and got the first goal, but the Dragons got 1 to tie it and then tapped in 2 more in the last period to take a 3-1 lead.  Structural never gave up and scored 2 more to tie it back up and then a clutch goal to take the lead with 5 minutes to go.  I really played well in this game.  I didn’t let in any weak goals and I really came out to take the shooters.  The Dragons showed me no mercy and got a lot of good opportunities.  They just couldn’t get the equalizer.  Structural won their last game 4-3 and earned the right to make playoffs if Ellis Sales loses which is a very good possibility.

Marketlab was another tough game as they played the first place Red Army team.  Red Army beat us the first game of the season by a final of 6-5.  This game would go back and forth just like the first one.  With the game tied 4-4, Red Army scored 2 in the final period to take a 6-4 lead.  In the final minute, Marketlab put one in with 46 seconds left and scored again with 20 seconds left to force overtime.  In OT, Andy Rosart scored a huge goal to win the game 7-6.  It was the game that got away from Red Army and it was the one that gave us a first round bye which is what we needed.

How did I play that second game?  Average.  I let in one goal I should have had and I had a hard time controlling my rebounds.  I did make several diving saves and a few breakaway stops.  Maybe I played above average actually.  We won the game, its as simple as that and maybe I should just be happy about that.

The playoffs are now set and I get a night off tomorrow to rest up for the tournament.