Hockey is only temporary

If there is a valuable lesson that I have learned over the last few days, it is that hockey is only temporary.  Everything that happens while playing is just temporary.  Nothing I accomplish out there is going to be remembered by anyone but me.  Sure, I may react on a shot and make a huge save or make a major gaff in a playoff game.  The key is that the things I do out there won’t really be remembered years down the road.

My reactions to the people I play with though are always remembered.  I have gotten so competitive in the past that I have taken to doing things out on the rink that I wouldn’t dream of doing to someone on a personal level.  I am going to be changing that.  I won’t lose my edge out there, but I am going to remind myself to think twice before doing something questionable.

Malys is going to clinch 5th or 6th for playoffs which means we will have a challenging game coming up on Saturday.  Looks like Stick Heads is going to get a playoff shot by default.  Its my hope that I can steal a game there as well.  Heck, a win against a top team in that division would be like the ultimate playoff upset.  Make no mistake though, its practically impossible for Stick Heads to win both games on Saturday.

I really like those odds though.