Playoff scenarios

This week is going to be a tune up week for me.  The butterflies start to float around in my system leading up to the playoffs on Saturday.  So the week before playoffs is always a good test for me.  I am going to be working on my focus and obviously trying to win some games.  These games couldn’t be more important.

Malys can finish anywhere from 3rd to 6th.  A win and they will pick up a 3rd place finish which is a heck of a lot better than a 6th place finish obviously.  I would rather get the higher seed.  What’s even more interesting will be the game on Monday as Malys will play the first place Rabid Wombats.  Malys played a great game last week in a 5-1 win over the Dragons.  I was very encouraged to see them play so hungry.  They blocked shots, capitalized on odd man rushes, and really back checked like they wanted the game.  I hope to see that same effort this week.  If we win or its a close game, I will be very encouraged coming into playoffs.

Marketlab also has a very interesting situation.  After losing to Red Army 7-6 the first game of the season, they face them again with a lot on the line.  If Marketlab wins, they will be 1st in the division.  If Red Army wins, Marketlab will take 3rd probably and have to play 3 games to the championship.  We will see if Marketlab has what it takes to win this very pivotal game.  Once again, a win or a close game will bring me a lot of confidence leading into the playoffs.

Lastly, Structural Standards has an outside chance to make playoffs, but they have to win their last game and Ellis Sales needs to lose which is a good possibility.  Structural has their hands full with Dragons though.  They won 3-2 last time, but the Dragons have upgraded since then.  I am going to have to play a great game, and Structural is going to need to help me like they never have before.  Lets hope for the best.