How do you update Twitter?

So, how do you update your Twitter status?  There are a variety of applications I have tried and here are my favorites.  When it comes to my computers at home and at work, I have used a small application called Twitteroo.

image Its a small application that works really well with Windows XP and Vista.  Allows you to send updates really easily.  If you are a Firefox user though, I can also recommend Twitbin.  Its an addon that you can get through Firefox and can open a sidebar on your browser to allow you to update your status and view the status of your friends and replies.

If you are looking for a way to update Twitter on your Iphone, there are two applications I can recommend.  The first is Twittelator Pro and the second is Tweetie.  I bought Twittelator Pro last year and it was my client of choice for a long time.  At the request of some friends, I tried Tweetie and loved it.  I am using Tweetie exclusively right now because it has a much cleaner interface and seems to update faster.

Of course, those of you with Facebook accounts, you can autoupdate your Facebook status with Twitter as well.  Here is the application you use.

If you use WordPress for your blog like I do, you can add Twitter updates to your blog by using Twitter for WordPress.