All things considered

It was a very successful week all things considered.  I suffered my share of losses this week, but I feel very good.  Maly’s suffered a defeat, but they are still in the playoff picture.  I got a 8-0 shutout with Marketlab.  Lastly, my ice hockey team won their game 8-3.

I am not saying I was happy with my performance with the Stick Heads or with Structural Standards.  I just couldn’t make a save on the weak side all night with the Stick Heads as we lost 8-5 or something like that, and my game with Structural was very sobering in a 11-8 loss (2 empty net goals, but still depressing).  I had pucks going in that went off me first all the time.  I was the most disappointed with the Structural game more than any other game I have played in a while.  We knew it was going to be a tough season, but I have not done my part in playing strong in those big games.

Now I am looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  Well, I wouldn’t say relaxing.  I am going to be taking pictures for US College Hockey Online at the Midwest Regionals  on Saturday and Sunday evening.  Thats a lot of fun, but busy work at times.