An end to a great season

In a very hard fought game, Donkey Punch came up just 1 goal short in a 4-3 loss to the Phantoms in the finals. After the game, I started going back in my head thinking of the mistakes I made. I made a couple of them, but I also came up with some good saves in that game as well. I really can’t fault myself for the loss, but I can say that Woot, the opposing goalie, outplayed me. He faced a lot of shots and came up solid on all of them.

I was shaky in my stops as I had problems controlling my rebounds. The Phantoms also capitalized on their chances and bounces in the game which is more than my team did. Still, at the end of the game, a 4-3 loss isn’t bad. It was a good hard fought game that could have went either way. Since its a one game final playoff, the bounces went the way of the team that won.

Sure, I was disappointed in the end result, but after reflecting on it for the drive home, I really can’t be too upset. I have had more success playing hockey than many people will have in their lifetimes. Its hard to top 24 championships and a two year span where I just played out of my mind in playoffs. The next playoff games I can look forward to would be in about a month for the Rivertown Playoffs.

My Sunday league playing days are over….for now. Not because we lost, but because I am cutting back a bit in my goaltending. No more Friday-Sunday hockey for me. I may even cut back one additional day like Tuesday. I haven’t decided yet. With my MBA classes starting up again here in a little over a month, I want to be ready to resume my classes. It really was hard for me to apply myself when I have hockey 4-5 times a week.

Ah well, enough complaining. Here is to hoping this week goes by smoothly when it comes to work and hockey.