Playoff hockey

Sunday I will have the opportunity to achieve one of my goals.  This year, I wanted to hit 25 championships in hockey.  I have 24 thanks to the hard work of my Marketlab team last season.  I have the opportunity to hit 25 tomorrow with a win over the Phantoms.  A team we have went 2-1 against this season.  The winner of this game is going to be the team that wants this game more than the other.  Pure determination will be the factor.  Trust me on that one.

It is something both teams have lacked at times.  The first few games we played the Phantoms, we have held that edge.  Last game we lost to them, they had it.  Now, with a championship on the line, I have to wonder which team is going to show up to play.  So far in playoffs, I have not been fond of my teams ability to put the puck in the net and show that grit and determination.  The little things like capitalizing on your chances has not been our strength.  I am expecting a strong push tomorrow from both teams, excellent goaltending, and a very close game.

Obviously, I want to be the one to come out on top.  It won’t be easy, but nothing ever comes easy in games like these.  I have never won an easy championship and tomorrows game will be no exception.