It finally cracked

Today I was getting ready to play some ice hockey when I noticed the bottom of the shaft paddle of my goalie stick was cracked a little.  I have been playing with this TPS Graphite stick for a long time (about a year I believe) and after all these games it is finally giving out.  Just a bummer that it is happening now because I have two games tomorrow and I will have to JB Weld it before next week.  I will post some pictures of the stick tomorrow.

Otherwise, I had a pretty relaxing game tonight.  It turned into a shootaround because we only had 3 guys and had to forfeit.  It was still a lot of fun and I needed the work.  The other goalie was quite good and looked like he had been playing a long time.  He was better than me thats for sure.

I figure with all the struggles I had in ice hockey this season, I needed the extra work before we start playing again.