A little bit of luck

After having a bout of bad luck a few weeks ago, I got off to a very lucky start tonight.  In my Marketlab game, a shot from the point went off the post and hit me in the back.  It stopped in the crease and one of their forwards had a open net to just tap it in.  Instead, he shot it wide.  We score on the rush just seconds later.  That is the way it worked out for us as we rolled to a 11-4 win.

My luck continued with Structural, but in the end we just got outhustled as we lost 7-2.  I have to really hand it to Structural for playing as hard as they did.  The team I shutout last week with Marketlab just would not be denied as Guns of Pablo just outhustled us.

Marketlab now stands in 3rd or 4th place.  We have a good opportunity to fight our way into one of the top two positions before the end of the season.

Structural can still make one of the playoff spots as well with 4 games to go.  I am going to do the best I can for them.

It finally cracked

Today I was getting ready to play some ice hockey when I noticed the bottom of the shaft paddle of my goalie stick was cracked a little.  I have been playing with this TPS Graphite stick for a long time (about a year I believe) and after all these games it is finally giving out.  Just a bummer that it is happening now because I have two games tomorrow and I will have to JB Weld it before next week.  I will post some pictures of the stick tomorrow.

Otherwise, I had a pretty relaxing game tonight.  It turned into a shootaround because we only had 3 guys and had to forfeit.  It was still a lot of fun and I needed the work.  The other goalie was quite good and looked like he had been playing a long time.  He was better than me thats for sure.

I figure with all the struggles I had in ice hockey this season, I needed the extra work before we start playing again.