Coming back

After a very rough start for most of my teams, they are starting to make a comeback.  Malys started 1-2 and is now 4-2 after a big win last night.  Marketlab started 0-2 and is now 3-2 with a big opportunity to go 4-2 on Thursday.  The Stickheads are not out of the playoff picture yet.  Lastly, after a rough start, Donkey Punch finished 2nd in the playoff round robin and will play the 1st place Phantoms for the championship.

Last week Thursday was a real eye opener for me.  I expected Structural would move up to 3-2, but they ended up getting killed 8-4 after giving up the first 8 goals of the game.  Then, I got a 7-0 shutout with Marketlab to increase their record to 3-2.  Just further proof that you can’t count on a win in this division.

This coming Sunday’s championship game will be the last game I play up at Laser Skate for a little bit.  I am cutting back on the amount I am playing and going to be subbing part time as required.  My ice hockey isn’t going to suffer though.  After Kodiaks dropped out of the playoff picture last week, I got a call from another team at Georgetown that needs a goalie the rest of the season.  I am going to take them up on it because its on Wednesday nights and I have those nights free right now.

Overall, hockey is going very well.  Job is going very well.  I have no complaints.