Not a single big save

Usually in any big game, I am relied upon to make a few big saves in order to secure a win.  Especially in a playoff game.  After getting thumped 11-4 last week by this KBS team, I came into this new game with a new approach.  I came in focused and ready to play.  I got ready early, stretched out, took shots from my teammates in warmup and really focused on my positioning.  I felt ready to play this game because I was mentally prepared for it.

The game really went back and forth.  We chipped in goals while all their goals were being scored by one line.  Two guys on their team got 10 goals in the game.  We spread our scoring around.  In the end, the final was 13-11 after they added an empty net goal.

My performance?  Average.  For all the focus and trying to play positionally, I really didn’t do as well as I had hoped.  Not a single big save in that game.  I let in a couple weak goals that I should have had.  Overall though, the defensive breakdowns killed us.  The two guys on their team that scored all their goals penetrated through everyone multiple times or capitalized on weak side goals all night.  I stopped a few of their shots, but a vast majority found their way around me.

It was just a sad ending to a fun season.  Once again, I am still searching for that all important first ice hockey championship that just seems to elude me and the rest of this team.  At the beginning of the season, I thought this might be the team that would compete for that trophy.  Now, I wonder if everyone will come back in a couple months to do it again over the summer.  Sure, everyone says they will return, and I am hopeful.

I make no excuses for the way I played.  I played an awful last half of the season.  It was uninspired and I brought no focus to the games.  I should have played better than I did, and next season will be a testament to that.  I made a promise to myself I am going to be more focused than I was this season.  Sure, I will have fun, but I just gotta get my swagger and focus back in the game.