The slimest of margins

My playoff game last night with Donkey Punch was another one that we won by the skin of our teeth.  We won 4-3, and all 3 goals were defensive breakdowns in front of me or odd man rushes.  No weak goals at all which really made me feel great.  The one thing that was dissapointing though was the fact that we barely won the game.  We have had so many chances to score but just keep shooting over the net or wide of the net for that matter.  Our biggest two playoff games are coming up on Sunday when we play the Phantoms and Puckups.  Both of which will be no easy task thats for sure.  Winning one of the two games will ensure us of a championship game birth and thats what I am aiming for.

Malys is a very strong 2-2 and looking to improve on their record this week.

The Stick Heads will have their work cut out for them on Tuesday, but also has a 2-2 record.  A win on Tuesday would bring me closer to my 5-5 goal I have set for myself which is a challenging goal to say the least.

My ice hockey team is in need of a victory and I have to bring my A game on Wednesday.

Finally, Marketlab and Structural Standards have 2-2 records.  I will be looking to make them both 3-2 by the end of the day on Thursday.