Times and Technology

Its funny how time changes everything especially in technology.

On Saturday/Sunday, I installed a new server into my network at home.  My old server was dogging it as of late because I was loading too much onto it.  The primary thing it struggled to do was run Tversity which is a media server that can stream music and movies to my PS3.  After the upgrade, I used a program called PS3 Media Server that really does a better job than Tversity.  I then upgraded my FTP Server software and setup a web interface for it and made some improvements to the web interfaces on a lot of other software that ran on the server.  Now, I can fully administer my home network from anywhere and get any file that I want off my network at any time.  Its pretty slick.

I went grocery shopping last night, but not like you normally would.  I used a service called Meijer Grocery Express that is available at the Meijer close to me.  I placed my order online, selected my pickup time, and that was it.  They called me about 2 hours before my pickup time to ask if I could pick up closer to 7pm since I specified a 6pm to 7pm pickup time.  In the end, I drove down at 6:45, called the pickup service and they brought it right out to me all bagged up and loaded it in my car for me.  I then ran my credit card and they gave me my receipt.  All total, it took me about 5 minutes instead of an hour and no lines to navigate.  The price to do it was $6.95 which IMHO is a great deal.

It just amazes me how times change and the technology just keeps changing with it.