If it wasn’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all at times.

At the end of last season, Malys started having a bad string of luck go against them.  The playoffs were the same way as 2 goals went in off my own defensemen.  This season has started the same way for us.  Two of our last three games have ended in losses due to strange or unlucky bounces.  We lost 3-0 last night, and two of the three goals went in off my own players.  The third was an empty netter.

It was a depressing game, but one that the players know we wouldn’t have won anyway because we didn’t score any goals.  You have to score goals to win games thats for sure.  Right now, we aren’t scoring and we are accidentally deflecting the puck into our own net.  I am confident that we will ride this bad luck trend out.  It’s just very upsetting to see my luck change this way though.

I say my luck because it seems to happen every 3-4 years or so.  Last time it happened, one of my three teams barely made playoffs and I couldn’t stop a puck on any of my teams.  Just seems like everything was going in for the other team all season.  It was after that happened when I went 10 straight seasons with championships every season.  Just like clockwork, this bad luck streak just rears its ugly head.

Hope better things happen to me tonight.  Marketlab needs a win and Structural Standards can improve to 2-1 with a win tonight as well.