Laid back

It was a very nice laid back weekend I must say.

Sure, I did work on Saturday for a bit on removing an Exchange 2003 server from our domain.  Which if I must say was a huge pain in the ass.  Even after removing all the public folder stores and our primary message store, it still wouldn’t let me uninstall it from the CD.  The Messaging and Data Collaboration portion stuck out there until I found the last piece to remove it.

After that was over, I got home and took a nap since I didn’t sleep too well on Friday night and then worked on my MBA class homework in my easy chair.  Watched October Sky on DVD and had Moe’s Mexican Grill with my wife for dinner.  Sunday was more of the same.  My wife and I did our taxes and I played hockey in the evening.  Still, a relaxing day nonetheless.

The hockey game was going to be a loss.  My team knew it before the game even started.  The team we played against used to play in the top division but dropped down.  Now they just cycle the puck around the other teams in the division and score at will.  Its sad to see that they just have no competition in the league and the only way they will lose is if they self destruct in the playoffs which I don’t see happening.

This week is more of the same as last week.  I have hockey a few times this week.  On Saturday I have to turn in a 4-5 page paper for my MBA class.  A lot rides on that paper so I have to really do a good job in order to get an A in the class.  Thats aside from my day job duties as well.  Saturday is going to be an interesting day as we are cutting over from our T1 circuit to a DS3 for increased bandwidth.

Maybe it won’t be as relaxing as I anticipate….