Firefox rocks!

When I started using Firefox years ago, I thought it would catch on like wildfire. Fast forward to today and I still think Firefox is the best browser hands down. The addons like Adblock, PDFView, IE View, and Google Gears are simply awesome. Plus, lets talk about innovation for a moment.

Firefox had tabbed browsing down to a science, but their “restore session” is simply incredible. Just today I was typing a rather long forum post and my computer locked up. After grumbling for about 5 minutes, I thought I would have to retype it all over again. Upon restarting and opening Firefox, I told it to “restore session” and crossed my fingers. My entire post was still typed in and all I had to do was add a few lines to finish it and click the post button.

Its too bad that too many sites out there only work with Internet Explorer. Otherwise, I would have gotten rid of IE years ago. Still, the point is that Firefox continues to impress me years after I started using it.