What I did on my two weeks off

The two weeks in between seasons for rollerhockey really gives me an opportunity to relax and concentrate on other things besides hockey. Sure, I played ice hockey on Wednesdays, but I haven’t put on rollerblades for over 2 weeks now. Its an odd feeling going from playing all the time to not playing at all for a while.

Still, I did a lot over the last couple weeks. I attended a couple Griffins games over the last few weeks. It is a lot of fun to watch pro hockey here in Grand Rapids and the Griffins are fighting for first place in the league right now. Just going to the games makes me realize just how much fun it is to attend. When you don’t go, you tend to forget easily.

I watched the Red Wings as much as I could as well. They had 5 games or so over the last few weeks and it was good to watch them for a change. Usually, if I am playing hockey, I get a chance to see the beginning or the end of the game as well as catch other games on my center ice package. When I am not playing as much, I watch more than I would have before.

Since I really have had only 2 games the last 2 weeks, I have gotten a little lazy. At least I feel like that. I can’t wait to put the skates back on and play.

Maly’s is coming back on Mondays and I am excited to be playing goal for them tonight.

Stick Heads are making a return but are going to have a challenge in Brass on Tuesdays.

Marketlab will be back on Thursday but will have challenges as well with new players coming in to replace some of our top goal scorers. I think we will be set defensively. The key is, will we be able to score enough to win. I am excited for the opportunity.

Structural Standards is going to be back and I will be playing for them as well. Playing 2 games every Thursday is going to be tough, but I am looking forward to it.

I can’t wait to play again tonight at 9pm.