I am totally exhausted this morning.  I played two games last night.  One for Structural Standards which won 8-4 and the other one that Marketlab won 7-2.  Overall, it was a good effort by both of my teams.  Structural played hard and should finish in the middle of the pack this season.  Marketlab will hopefully finish in a playoff spot but that remains to be seen.  I guess we will see how things turn out.

After finishing both games, I took 8 breakaway shots a piece from each of the refs and then was just exhausted.  I got home, ate a can of pears, and then collapsed into bed.  This morning, my body still hasn’t fully recovered and my eyelids are very heavy.  Still, it was fun to play while I could and I will be resting up this weekend.

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all at times.

At the end of last season, Malys started having a bad string of luck go against them.  The playoffs were the same way as 2 goals went in off my own defensemen.  This season has started the same way for us.  Two of our last three games have ended in losses due to strange or unlucky bounces.  We lost 3-0 last night, and two of the three goals went in off my own players.  The third was an empty netter.

It was a depressing game, but one that the players know we wouldn’t have won anyway because we didn’t score any goals.  You have to score goals to win games thats for sure.  Right now, we aren’t scoring and we are accidentally deflecting the puck into our own net.  I am confident that we will ride this bad luck trend out.  It’s just very upsetting to see my luck change this way though.

I say my luck because it seems to happen every 3-4 years or so.  Last time it happened, one of my three teams barely made playoffs and I couldn’t stop a puck on any of my teams.  Just seems like everything was going in for the other team all season.  It was after that happened when I went 10 straight seasons with championships every season.  Just like clockwork, this bad luck streak just rears its ugly head.

Hope better things happen to me tonight.  Marketlab needs a win and Structural Standards can improve to 2-1 with a win tonight as well.

Solid start in goal

On Sunday I had a solid start in goal for Donkey Punch as we won in a shootout by a 5-4 final over the Phantoms.  It was a very exciting game and I had a number of good stops.  This win should put us in first place in the division.  I say first because the first place team right now is some ungodly team that is just stomping everyone by 8+ goals per game and I am not going to count them.

That win really helped me get my confidence back for this week.  I have games on Tuesday-Thursday this week and I am going to use that game as motivation.  If there is anything that I do need to improve upon, it is my weak side coverage.  I am just not moving very fast to the other side.  My lateral movement has struggled as of late and I need to fix that problem.

Videos are coming

Creative Vado HD

I got my Creative Vado HD handheld video camera in the mail on Saturday.  I took the opportunity to fire it up on Sunday during my game and now I have an hour of video to play with.  So far, I am loving this device and I am going to work on adding more videos to my site and maybe….maybe…..to youtube.

Very difficult decisions

I am once again stuck with some very difficult decisions that I have to make in terms of playing hockey. These decisions I am going to be making are emotional ones, and odds are they will upset some people. They must be addressed because I am to the point where I am just spent physically.

Right now, I am playing 6 hockey games per week.

Donkey Punch, Malys, Stick Heads, Kodiaks, Structural Standards, and Marketlab.

My promise at the beginning of the season was to play with as many friends as I can before I am done playing. I have achieved that goal, but I have sacrificed something else. My body is sore and emotionally I am just spent. My struggles this season have a lot to do with being drained. Therefore, I have some very tough decisions to make that are going to upset a few of these teams. Not this season, but for seasons after that.

If I was to cut down to 4 games per week, I think that would be a lot more manageable.

Gotta turn things around next week

I have been burning the candle at both ends lately. If I am not working, I am playing hockey. My sleep has suffered a bit as my homework in my MBA class has also suffered. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and this weekend.

Malys did pretty well this week winning their game which was big. They now sit 1-1.

Stick Heads lost 8-3 and now sit 1-1 in their division. If they win 4 games this season, I will be pleasantly surprised.

Marketlab dropped to 0-2 and really need to improve their defense. I didn’t play very well in net, but really only 1 of the goals was my bad. The rest my defense have to get on the guy on the weak side. Seems that 5 goals per game are going in on the weak side. Its just embarassing.

Structural Standards is doing pretty well but they lost their game this week as well and sit 1-1. With all their players returning next week, I am very eager to see how they will do the rest of the season.

Lastly, my ice hockey team is in the middle of playoffs. They won their first playoff game without me in net because my Thursdays have been booked for the next few weeks. This team was supposed to play Wednesday and now I just feel horrible that I haven’t been able to make the games for them. I am going to be faced with some tough decisions next session if they want to play Thursday.

I just feel old and slow right now. I know I can play better. I just have to bring my mental focus up a notch and play hard next week. I am not settling for anything less than a 3-1 record in hockey next week. My only loss will come on Tuesday with the Stick Heads.

Laying it all out there

I have wanted to type in my blog for a little while now and I just didn’t know where to start.  Therefore, I am just going to throw a bunch of different things out there and just see what happens.

First, I played like crap tonight in hockey.  Sure, there were some shots I had no business stopping.  A majority of the goals that were scored on me though were good shots in the slot or ones that went top corner on me.  I was disappointed with my effort and the effort of my teammates.  I knew it would be a tough road to hoe for the Stick Heads this season, and I guess I was right.  My goal was to be .500 in the season, and even that is going to be a challenge.  I have a lot of work to do.

Second, I have put Warhammer Online aside for a little bit to play F.E.A.R. 2 and its a great change of pace.  I hope to get back into Warhammer in the next few days, but FEAR 2 is simply awesome.  Not the greatest game I have ever played, and I think I enjoyed Dead Space more in terms of the storyline and scary factor.  Still, a very good game that is worth the money to pick up.

Third, Malys is going to have to pick up their gameplay.  Just seems like the last few weeks have not been clicking for us as a team.  Even though we are 1-1 on the season, I think that we are playing like a bottom half team.  Lets see how things play out though before I pass judgement.  Maybe we can turn things around and we are going to have to to become one of the better teams in the division.

Tonight after my game I learned the importance of why I am playing.  It isn’t to win, even though winning is important to me.  Its the friendships you make while playing.  Today, even though I was disappointed, I was a little upset with my play and it showed afterwards.  I was distant from my own teammates and just wanted to get dressed and leave.  I did chat with a few of the players on my way out and my teammates in the locker room, but I should have been more open.  Its the friendships you make around the rink that make playing the game so much fun.  I should be embracing that.  Especially as I get older and my playing days dwindle.

Heineken is still one of the best beers in my mind.  I prefer it over just about every beer I could ever have.  I should make a trip to the Hopcat eventually to expand my knowledge of beer though.


I am in the process of thinking about my MBA class schedule for the rest of the year.  I already know I am taking 3-4 classes a year.  That 4th class is still up in the air though.  If I take that 4th class, I would be taking both Fall semester sessions and then one in the Winter.  That would mean I am taking 21 straight weeks of courses and I don’t know if I want to subject myself to that.  Its either that or graduate a year later.  I am still weighing my options here, but one thing is for certain.  I will earn my MBA.

I am looking for ways to improve my WordPress blog a bit and I got to thinking about Video Blogging.  Maybe doing some videos of my goaltending and posting some clips and such.  I always wanted to do that and if I am going to do it regarding hockey, why not do it now while I am still playing.  I am still considering this as an option.

I am going to crash here soon.  I have been getting about 7 hours a night lately and I am just feeling that is barely enough.

Laid back

It was a very nice laid back weekend I must say.

Sure, I did work on Saturday for a bit on removing an Exchange 2003 server from our domain.  Which if I must say was a huge pain in the ass.  Even after removing all the public folder stores and our primary message store, it still wouldn’t let me uninstall it from the CD.  The Messaging and Data Collaboration portion stuck out there until I found the last piece to remove it.

After that was over, I got home and took a nap since I didn’t sleep too well on Friday night and then worked on my MBA class homework in my easy chair.  Watched October Sky on DVD and had Moe’s Mexican Grill with my wife for dinner.  Sunday was more of the same.  My wife and I did our taxes and I played hockey in the evening.  Still, a relaxing day nonetheless.

The hockey game was going to be a loss.  My team knew it before the game even started.  The team we played against used to play in the top division but dropped down.  Now they just cycle the puck around the other teams in the division and score at will.  Its sad to see that they just have no competition in the league and the only way they will lose is if they self destruct in the playoffs which I don’t see happening.

This week is more of the same as last week.  I have hockey a few times this week.  On Saturday I have to turn in a 4-5 page paper for my MBA class.  A lot rides on that paper so I have to really do a good job in order to get an A in the class.  Thats aside from my day job duties as well.  Saturday is going to be an interesting day as we are cutting over from our T1 circuit to a DS3 for increased bandwidth.

Maybe it won’t be as relaxing as I anticipate….

An Average Week


Malys picked back up where they started and had some bad luck in a 7-2 loss.  More shots went off my own defensemen and in.  I got beat on 2 legit goals.  The rest of them went off my own players and the puck just bounced their way too much.  Lets hope all the bad bounces are finally out of the way when it comes to Malys.


Stickheads won 1-0….in a forfeit.  That was a bummer because we were looking forward to playing.  Not a single member of their team showed up.  Lets hope they show next time.


Structural Standards won 4-3, but it was a close game the whole way through.  It was good to get a win with this team as they work hard.  However, they just lack the skill to compete in this league.  The teams are tougher this season and they will have their work cut out for them.

Marketlab lost their first game 7-6, but it was a story of bad defense and just average goaltending by me.  Two of their best players torched me for a total of 5 goals.  I wouldn’t say the fault with my teammates.  We all can take a share of the loss as I didn’t make some timely saves and I didn’t cover my rebounds.  It was just one of those losses that kinda eats away at me.  I am going to forget about it soon enough and concentrate on the next game.  Its a marathon, not a sprint.  We have a few games to develop our chemistry.