25 things you may not know about me

Just because I don’t want to leave it up on a Facebook notes section, I will post it here so I can come back and look at it later.

25 things you may not know about me.  Here we go…..

1. I enjoy my time alone even more than my time with other people.
2. I wrestled, swam, and ran cross country and track in high school.
3. I didn’t have a speck of athletic ability until I started playing hockey. That only gave me one speck and I won’t have that in about 2 more years.
4. My wife and I knew each other for 6 years before we got married. We have been together for 15 total.
5. I enjoy wine tasting up in Traverse City at least once a year.
6. I have a very low tolerance for alcohol which makes me fun or a pain to be around.
7. I love high definition television and am starting to consider anything in standard definition to be unwatchable.
8. Discovery Channel and the NHL Network are two of my favorite channels on TV.
9. I am a geek at heart but I think I do a good job of hiding it.
10. I run my own website which contains a personal journal on the last 5 years of my life: http://www.nightfall.net
11. I am just too darn gullible most of the time
12. I love computer and PS3 gaming
13. Fixing, maintaining, and building computers and networks is my expertise.
14. I am getting my MBA so I can teach at the college level later in life.
15. Hockey is a big part of my life, and when my knees finally give out in the next 1-2 years and require reconstructive surgery, I am going to miss playing. So I am going to play as much as I can until I am carted off the rink by the EMTs.
16. I require 7-8 hours of sleep a night just to be operational.
17. I can’t eat dessert without eating dinner first.
18. I am a huge fan of vegetables and fruit.
19. I never really got along with people until I met my future wife. I was more introverted than anything else. This transformation was a huge benefit to me in the long run.
20. The best hockey team I ever had the privilege of playing on was the Stick Heads. Five championships (and counting).
21. If it wasn’t for Rivertown Sports, I never would have got started at playing organized hockey. I will play there until I am no longer able to physically play (or they kick me out).
22. My focus is no longer on winning championships. I want to play with as many people around the rink as I can until its too late. Thats the way to make new friends.
23. The mistakes I have made in the past haunt me more than normal. Forgetting them is hard for me to do. I would never go back in time to change them, because every mistake I have made has turned me into the person I am today. I feel I am stronger because of that.
24. I never really liked or cared about hockey until my sophomore year of college back in the fall of 1995. My future wife won free season tickets to see the Ferris State Bulldogs play. She couldn’t go and gave them to me. After giving them away to friends for the first few games, I decided to go one night. Bulldogs won that game 4-2 and I was hooked on the sport from that point on.
25. I have a more competitive attitude now than I did 10 years ago.