Playoff Retrospectives

The next day it seems that I always have a look back upon the playoffs that were just played and I have some thoughts about them that I like to share.

I allowed 9 goals in 5 games.  For rollerhockey that isn’t bad at all.  Thats an average of less than 2 goals a game.  In the 9 goals that were scored against me, 3 of them were shots that deflected off my own players.  Then 3 of the goals were off of odd man rushes and nice passes across to the wide open forward who beat me.  I just didn’t have much of a chance to stop any of those 6 goals.  Of the remaining 3, one of them went between my arm and my legpad that I should have had.  The other two went top shelf on me and I had little chance to make the save.

Why do I mention this?  It was probably one of the most complete playoffs I have played in a while.  Last playoffs, I allowed 9 goals and won 5 games.  This time, I allowed 9 goals and only won 3 games while losing the other 2.  Course, I didn’t have much luck this time around either.  Just further proof that the way the puck bounces can dictate the game on its own.

The only game that really sticks around in my head is the 1-0 loss the Hurricane suffered in the finals.  The shot I let in did go off my defenseman, but as I think about it, did I do everything I needed to do to stop that shot?  Was I centered correctly?  Was I lazy in not reacting?  I don’t know.  I think I was lazy on that shot the more I think about it.  Still, my team not getting a goal in regulation doesn’t help matters, but I have to think about what I can do in net.  Thats the only thing that I can control.

I came up with some big stops too.  Made a couple good saves on some breakaways.  I made a number of glove saves which is surprising because I don’t make many of those.  I played my angles pretty well too.  Overall, A very solid effort.

So whats next?

Marketlab will return, but with about 75% of their goal output leaving, its going to be hard to replace it.

Structural Standards will return in the same division.  They will have challenges, but will win some games and play competitively.

Malys will also return and should be just fine.

There is also rumor that Stick Heads will be returning as well.  We will see if that pans out.

For now, I am off to bed.  The next two weeks with just ice hockey to worry about is going to be good for me.