Not good enough

This week has been a total bummer for me in hockey so far.

Malys lost in Monday by a 3-2 score in OT off a deflection off my own defenseman’s stick.  The good thing is that we didn’t lose the game because of me, course we didn’t win it in the end.  My ice hockey team lost on Wednesday 8-4, and I played about average.  Came up with some good stops at times, but allowed just a few too many goals I should have had.

Tonight, I dropped two more games.  Marketlab lost 5-4 in OT to Grand Valley, a team that has given us fits in the past.  We had a lot of chances, but just couldn’t score.  Grand Valley capitalized on their chances.  Two of them on the far side of the net because I was out to far taking the shooter.  Really, I didn’t allow any horrible goals, but I have to come up with key stops in those situations.

Structural lost 6-3, but I once again played pretty well considering they had about 50 shots on me.  I came up with some unbelievable saves, but when you are getting peppered, its hard not to come up with those kinds of saves at least a few times in the game.

I make no excuses for my play this week.  I didn’t play my best games, but my best has yet to come.  I am getting my bad games out of the way in time for playoffs on Saturday.  Tomorrow I will go to work, go see the Griffins in the evening, and then crash for the night in anticipation for Saturday’s hockey games.  Just like always, I will be ready to give it a go and I am confident I will do well on the tasks at hand.

Not half bad….not half good either

After missing the last ice hockey game with the flu, I came back this week and played and did pretty well overall.  I wasn’t outstanding but I wasn’t totally horrible either.  It was just one of those games where I would make a good stop on a breakaway and then miss a shot I should have had.  We had  a 3-1 lead at one point in the first period, but they took the lead 5-4 in the second period and never looked back.

My performance was questionable because I let in too many shots I should have had.  The first goal was an unscreened shot from the point that I should have had.  The second goal was one that went off my mask and glove and fell behind me and they had an easy tap in.  Fourth goal was a shot in the slot that I over committed to on the far side and he went near side on me.  Those are 3 goals right there that I should have had.  The others were all breakaways or odd man rushes that they capitalized on.

It was just me playing average like I have all season this season in ice hockey.  I have got to pick up the confidence and intensity next week.  Playoffs are a few weeks away and I am just not playing to the level that I am used to playing in ice hockey in sessions past.