Not the best start to the week

I subbed in for the 1st place Hurricane and played for my 2nd place Malys team last night. I was hoping that Malys would at least win their game to get 1st place in the division. That just didn’t work out for us. It also didn’t work out for Hurricane either.

Hurricane lost 5-2, but it wasn’t entirely their fault. Bradley, an excellent player that plays in the top division, moved from goalie to skating out as a defenseman. I had no luck stopping him all game as he scored 3 goals. Our offense just couldn’t get moving all game as Jeff turned in a superb performance in net for the Dragons. I will be facing Jeff again on Saturday, probably in the first round. I just know it will be another hard fought game.

Malys also lost in OT by a final of 3-2. Sure, I kept my team in the game and played pretty well for the most part. However, I felt slow to react in the game. Their goals were very fortunate bounces. The first one went off 2 players and to a wide open player who put it in. The second one went off my own defenseman and to a wide open player on the other side. The third goal went off my own defenseman’s stick and went over me. That third goal reminded me of the Dekleine Builders team against the Fury back in the day. The winning goal we scored went off of their own defenseman’s stick and into the top corner of the net. It was a fluke bounce that gave us the victory then, and it gave them the victory last night.

So, the playoffs are set. Maly’s has 3rd place and will be playing the River Yaks in the first round. The second round game will be against Hurricane or Main Street Pub. The ironic thing is that the River Yaks killed us 7-1 in the only game we played against us this season. I wasn’t there, but we didn’t play well according to everyone on the team. The River Yaks have had our number the last few seasons, just as we have had good fortune beating Main Street Pub for the last few seasons. So the first round game will be a very interesting one.

Some food for thought though….

Last season the Hurricane finished in 1st place and beat us in both regular season games. In playoffs, we played them in the finals and won 3-2. Just goes to show you that anyone can win in a one game playoff. We just wanted that game more than they did and it showed on the scoresheet.

So, Malys will be going for a 3rd straight championship and 2nd with me on the team. Marketlab (Who Cares) will also be looking to repeat after last year’s success. The Stick Heads have had back to back championships with me in net. Same with Biohazard back in the day. Maybe I will be fortunate enough to do that again on Saturday with these same two teams.

Am I starting to get butterflies about playoffs? Absoluetly. The nervous butterflies are not bad though. I get them before every playoff game. Maybe that is why I play so well. I just want to fast forward to Saturday morning to get this show on the road.