Strong games

I played a pair of strong games for both of my teams tonight.  The sad thing is that I couldn’t get Structural Standards a win after playing so well.  Still, I did what needed to be done to give them a chance to win and thats all I can ask for.  Structural fell 4-3 after maintaining a 2-1 lead up through the middle of the third period.  The other team got 3 breakaways they scored on.  I guess you could say I should have stopped one of them, but I made a number of good stops in that game to keep the game in our favor.  I really can’t ask for much more other than a goal or two more for our team.

Marketlab nabbed a 7-2 win in a game I had much less work but still played pretty darn well.  We came back and played a solid game after struggling to score last game.  With playoffs coming up next weekend, it was important for us to have a good game.

Overall, I played well for the games I played this week.  I missed 2 of my games due to illness and I am still not 100%.  This weekend will be spent resting, completing my paper for my MBA class, and puting my computer back together again now that I got my RMAed motherboard back.