Well, I partially successfully recovered from the flu, cold, or whatever bug I had.  Its frustrating to be feeling like this for 5 days straight.  I didn’t play hockey Monday evening off thinking I would just rest and recover fully.  I felt a little better on Tuesday morning, so I went to work and then played hockey in the evening.  After getting schlacked in my game, I came home all down and out about it.  Wednesday was a disaster as I really just stayed home sick and rested.  I didn’t get a chance to play my ice hockey game Wednesday either.

So, in two days of me not feeling well I have missed two games.  Talk about depressing.

My game on Tuesday was sad.  We had to win out in order to make playoffs, so Shock and Awful lived up to the last part of their team name in this time of need.


We lost 11-5, and while it wasn’t all my fault, I didn’t play super in net.  Even if I did, we probably would have gotten beat 8-5 instead.  Still, its was just upsetting to lose that game because it pretty much put a nail in the coffin on their playoff hopes.

The good news is that Malys and Marketlab are both in the playoffs.  Malys has a chance to clinch 1st or drop as far as 4th in their last game while Marketlab can clinch 1st with 2 wins.  Both teams are going to have their work cut out for them to repeat as both teams won their respective divisions last season.  Malys will have to get through 2 tough teams, same as last season in playoffs.  Marketlab’s first round opponent last season wasn’t bad, and the finals game I think we won primarially because the other team was physically exhausted.  Its going to be different this season thats for sure.

I was asked a very important question after my last game last week on Thursday.  After playing an awesome game in a 4-2 loss, would I rather play horrible and win?  Absolutely.