Exhaustion or something else?

I played pretty well today. The first game we lost 5-4 in a shootout, but I didn’t play an excellent game. Sure, I made some good stops, but I let the team back in to tie the game to send it to a shootout. I allowed a goal on the first shooter of the shootout, and my team couldn’t get a goal in their 3 shooters. A little disappointing, but we got a point out of it.

The second game we won easily 13-3. I felt sorry for their goalie who was just getting shelled while I didn’t face many quality chances.

After playing my 2 games at Lazer Skate today, I got something to eat and then felt exhausted. My throat is still sore like yesterday, and I hope I am not coming down with something worse. I am going to bed early tonight so I am 100% tomorrow….hopefully.

2 Replies to “Exhaustion or something else?”

  1. So — I beat the almighty Donkey Punch In the Shoot Out—Got to tell ya that team is in my head for the five hole. Sucks when they are in your head like that. I pretty sure this was our first meeting as goalies. You play very good. I’ve been playing at Cedar just started at Rivertown. So far Rivertown comp is way below Cedar. Is their a div. that is mor competitive (Wed. Alum.)? So Anyway you played well, Howed I play?

  2. Hey Dave!

    The competition at Rivertown is definitely very different. Wednesday/Thursday Aluminum is equivalent to the Bronze division at Lazer Skate. The Turkees team, well most of them, are playing in the Tuesday night Brass division which is equivalent to the Silver division at Laser.

    As for you, you did play a very good game. Good to see us “old timers” still able to hang with these young pup players. We don’t get a chance to play against each other on Wednesdays, but I hope we do next season. I may have a team playing on Wednesday out there next season.

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